Глобальный рейтинг LinkedIn Skills 2012

LinkedIn Skills & Expertise has been around for nearly two years but many LinkedIn experts have wondered how it would be used. It is logical for LinkedIn to want to group skills from professional profiles into a unified structure that can ranked, analyzed and monetized. If LinkedIn can be the tool to easily find people with the highest ranking on certain skills and expertise it could add tremendous value to the LinkedIn profile service.

With the recent launch of the LinkedIn Endorsements feature, it seems logical that the LinkedIn search algorithm will start to rank profiles by a combination of “popularity of skill” and volume of endorsements”. Thus it will become critical for job searchers and small business company pages to load up on the most popular LinkedIn Skills & Expertise. The objective being to place at the top of LinkedIn and Google search results (LinkedIn profiles have priority ranking in Google).  The maximum LinkedIn endorsement any Skill can receive is 99.

LinkedIn does not provide a list of the most popular LinkedIn skills&expertise. However using our LinkedIn expertise we developed a complex algorithm to pull the 100 top LinkedIn skills. We have published the top ten LinkedIn sills below.

Linkedin skills list top most popular examples of Linkedin Skills 2012

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